Helpers from Heaven

Dandelion Sustainable Farm has been helped my so many wonderful people. With the Blessing for Great Swan Peace Cathedral, another series of  volunteers arrived as if sent from heaven. We owe them much gratitude and praise. You will soon see their images and heroic deeds appearing here.

Michael Harrings superlative webmaster,  computer genius
Michael Harings superlative webmaster, computer genius

But first things first! How would we even be sharing all this with you were it not for the most gracious help of Michael Harrings, a rare man indeed? While waiting on a far greater and challenging web service project, he took under his wing.  He has helped immensely to get the site onto a new format and to help us learn the process. Sitting with him at his “Grand Central” web working desk with 3 computer monitors in front, professional web hosting computer below, another computer on a side desk, I felt like I was at the helm of control for a small universe. WOW! It was quite an amazing experience….such POWER! But then what is power compared to LOVE? As we sat there working on we shared stories of Divine Love, laughing and crying all the way. Now a man who cries in Love of the Divine is a man of the highest sort. Michael is just such a man with a real heart to go with all his computer brains. He is so humbly human. SO much gratitude goes from our hearts to Michael!

And then there are the MANY great volunteers that have added their energy and special talents over the years. We estimate over 200 by now.

A fun ATV tour together of our neighbor's ranch
A fun ATV tour together of our neighbor’s ranch

Our latest was Olaia, a 26yr. old from the Basque Country in Spain who we enjoyed immensely during her 1 mon. work/exchange. What a wonderful volunteer, with a STRONG!!! work ethic and a beautiful heart. We had to almost hold her back from over giving on her end of the exchange. She looked around at the work load and took on things with out being asked. Wow!

Olaia showed us how to eat cardoon as her family in Spain does. These volunteer almost too abundantly around our gardens. We love their massive out put of little (spiny) artichokes, and now also the stems as Olaia demonstrated. We will remember her often for this alone.

Cardoon require no deer fence, no water, no care, except chopping them down at the end of their cycle. FREE yummy FOOD!

Olaia was strong in so many ways and working (?) hard at improving her English…that is she loved to talk and drew us into LOTS of conversations about very meaningful things. Open and available to consider new and different perspectives made her such a pleasure to share with! Her help ranged from brush clearing for fire prevention, planting, mushroom starts, mulching, welding-grinding, etc, She made the spring overload of work much lighter a pleasure with her company.

May Blessings rain on Olaia forever!

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