Real Magic ….. The Mysteries of Reality

There are places in this world where, as you arrive, you feel something different …… Something takes hold of you …… that something carries you to a special space …… You can’t quite put your finger on what that space is ….. Some call that magic!

Dandelion Farm is such a magical place. Located near Lower Lake, California, hidden up in the hills northeast of San Francisco, northwest of Sacramento……If you are quiet inside, when you are here, you will feel it ….. Dandelion Farm is clearly a magical place ……. You must discover it for yourself!

Great Swan Peace Cathedral and PeaceParish, a 501c3 non profit on Dandelion Farm

(image below) is a unique non sectarian temple devoted to serving world peace. You can read the miraculous stories associated with this temple on

Peace Temple Pilgrimage, a journey to the Heart

A journey of discovery….Come see and feel Dandelion and it’s Magic…..Feel the peace of Great Swan Peace Cathedral, “called in” to this world as a vision, a miraculous response to a prayer uttered on the edge beyond. Bring a picnic and soak in Nature interspersed with inspirational art. ( by appointment only :

An INVITATION to help WORLD PEACE as only YOU can:
Pray, chant, sing, dance, recite your poetry, play your music, etc, and send it to the world from here in front of Great Swan

The Mission of Dandelion Farm

Our mission, for the past 45 years has been to make a difference in the world through the application of practical sustainability methods..( no till research in growing a full plant based diet for emergency use if necessary, using unusual as well as wild plants for nutrition, a broad range of food fermentation for enhanced nutrition, many preservation methods, etc) and creating cob natural buildings with speedier variations on technique.

In the process, by using creativity, a great deal of inspirational art and direct hands on experience, we are committed to attracting and educating people toward making environmentally responsible choices for the future of our world.

At Dandelion we are also committed to promoting inclusivity of race, gender and religious pluralism.

Help with YOUR talents or skills to make MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

We have hosted innumerable volunteers over the years from around the globe. The hearts and hands of many wonderful people have helped create Dandelion as a gift to the world.

Do you have computer skills, an artistic eye for arranging art, welding skills, management skills, legal expertise, a strong back and love of working outdoors creatively, marketing savvy, ways you can advise us, etc? There are so many ways YOU can be a collaborator to further create Dandelion for all, even from anywhere in the world. Help bring our work to the eyes of the world so our gifts can serve the betterment of humankind: (