Real Magic ….. The Mysteries of Reality

There are places in this world where, as you arrive, you feel something different …… Something takes hold of you …… that something carries you to a special space …… You can’t quite put your finger on what that space is ….. Some call that magic!

Dandelion Farm is such a magical place. Located near Lower Lake, California, hidden up in the hills northeast of San Francisco, northwest of Sacramento you will find that special place …… You arrive here and you feel it ….. Dandelion Farm is clearly a magical place ……. You must see it for yourself!

Our mission, for the past 44 years has been to make a difference in the world through the application of practical sustainability methods in growing food and creating natural buildings. In the process, by using creativity, inspirational art and direct hands on experience, we are committed to attracting and educating people toward making environmentally responsible choices for the future of our world.

At Dandelion we are committed to promoting inclusivity of race, gender and religious pluralism.