Great Swan begins: “The gods are watching over you”

The most critical dome construction of Great Swan Peace Cathedral is set in motion. Blessed most potently at the Brightness on Sept. 10 for commencing at the end of Oct. And so the start up is TODAY, but not without challenges and minor miraculous turns of events. Well, that has always been what it’s like serving something Blessed and Called for by Adi Da, the Conscious Light, Incarnate.

Da Hand w flower much orangeGreat attention to every detail and constant offering of my heart, and life to the Divine are essential for a  positive, even miraculous process…This I have learned! Let’s not even think about what its like when there is resistance. I could tell some amazingly examples, negative dark angelstories about that, but not now. Don’t want to even think such thoughts!

Now is the time to revel in GRACE, pouring down on Dandelion and the clear Blessed beginnings of Great Swan Peace Cathedral! Light in the forest

Dominique, our foreman with 8 monolithic domes under his belt was with us for our late Oct. start up on Great Swan….until he suddenly was not! TOO busy already. That had to go into prayer asap! And a couple days later his job ran out of funds to continue hiring him! He was again available for Great Swan….Oh, that familiar miraculous pattern has begun.

monolitic domesWe kept hearing of Oscar Duckworth, quite an impressive professional shot-crete specialist of the highest degree. When contactkng and sharing with him about the project, he seemed with us to shoot the cement overhead into the air form when we began.

Our project was peanuts, but fun compared to his multimillion dollar hot shot gigs. (He has a most stellar resume!) But just a couple days before we were to begin, he found himself in too much demand by the industry to be the one we were depending upon for a safe, optimum quality cement shoot. YIKES!

Foggy morning on Duckworth Farms in Sebastopol
Foggy morning on Duckworth Farms in Sebastopol

Dominique with much experience EXCEPT the shot-crete application, became determined to move ahead and do the cement shoot himself, taking instruction via the phone from another shot-crete pro. This was something most definitely for prayer, and I told Oscar so. Late the next day Oscar called: “Have you seen my email?”…We chatted as I got up the computer and read:

“Good News: My schedule at the beginning of next week has cleared.
How did you do that?
Regards, Oscar Duckworth

Well, I didn’t do that. It was just how it works in service to the Divine, when hearts are open to That. I was so thrilled and relieved to hear this awesome news!!!

Goddess of Dandelion mosaic in graceful rain
Goddess of Dandelion mosaic in graceful rain

But while praying for the project I missed 3 calls from the UPS delivery man with the nearly $6,000. air-form, which is the most essential element for the Great Swan Peace Cathedral dome. Loren had tried to find out when it would be coming before taking off to shop for project supplies.

When I found the messages I called Loren to find out his where abouts. “I’m at Kelseyville Lumber”… 45min. away!! Oh no! I then called the UPS man to tell him I was was the one to receive that BIG package he called about. “Not today, mam. I am already at my next delivery at Kelseyville Lumber”….”Oh, that is where my husband is with van and trailer”….”Well, I’ll be!…..”

It turned out the lumber company  fork lifted the massively heavy package into Loren’s van, making it easier than had it happened as intended at the farm. The UPS man said to Loren, (not knowing anything about what he was delivering) “The gods are watching over you”

Dominque’s little SWEET lady, Michele, the coolest rebar worker of my gender I have ever met, had these words to say, (after visiting Dandelion Ballad, the site of Great Swan Peace Cathedral): “I gotta work on this project…Its EPIC!”
Dandelion Ballad a song to the heart of all
Dandelion Ballad, a song to the heart of all

May it ALL be Blessed and completely Graceful!

Now at last, weeks later, we share images after the safe and successful completion of the Dome cement work for Great Swan Peace Cathedral.

Air-form for Great Swan ready to inflate
BEFORE…Air-form for Great Swan ready to inflate

The BIG DAY arrives for placing and inflating
the air-form. This is actually like a big balloon make to our specifications for Great Swan.
Here you see the uninflated air-form from Queen of Heaven Gate and then the inflated.

Michele, forewoman and Candace jump into each other’s arms, so happy to be INSIDE the first step of the Dome.

Next our basic team poses inside. Note how white it is…This is just the plastic air-form!

Air-form inflated and ready for shot-crete.
AFTER….Air-form inflated and ready for shot-crete.air-form standing there.

Then our most critical miracle of intervention: Oscar Duckworth, the “best of the west” overhead shot-crete professional at work. His help that was essential in many ways for the safe dome construction.

Thrilled to be INSIDE the just inflated air-form for Great Swan...women workers hug.

The team inside freshely inflated air-form
The team inside newly inflated air-form
Oscar Duckworth doing shot-crete inside Great Swan Peace Cathedral air-form.
Oscar Duckworth doing shot-crete inside Great Swan Peace Cathedral air-form.
Great Swan air-form and truck delivering shot-crete
Great Swan air-form and truck delivering shot-crete

This is how we will be seeing Great Swan for some time to come, as all kinds of other parts are prepared to add.

entrance art for Great Swan
entrance art for Great Swan

A good start on the massive amount of metal work in the Peace Cathedral vision that came in 2002, was done that year and the next. A LONG last, more is on the way in “Valcan’s Daughter”, the mostly open air  welding shop on Dandelion.

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