Great Swan Peace Cathedral


Dandelion Sustainable Farm is A Gift to Nature, Humankind and the Divine – Sustainable Living Serves World Peace


Great Swan air-form and truck delivering shot-crete
Great Swan air-form and truck delivering shot-crete


Great Swan Peace Cathedral, the crowning jewel of our love and service to the Light on Dandelion Sustainable Farm has been in process for a number of years.

Oscar Duckworth doing shot-crete inside Great Swan Peace Cathedral air-form. Nov. 5
Shot-creteing the inside of the dome

The Story of Great Swan Peace Cathedral on Dandelion Sustainable Farm has a history stretching back to our early years. It began when I was 21 in 1967, with a brief spiritual awakening, a profound encounter with Living, Conscious Light that was Love Itself. I recognized It instantly as the True Self of all and in that same instant lost all limited sense of self awareness.

Etched glass window in Reign of Grace bath house
Etched glass window in Reign of Grace bath house

awareness returned after some time, the Light had morphed into the first of several powerful premonitions of my life of spiritual practice yet many years away in the future, as a devotee of Adi Da Samraj. That time finally began with the greatest moment of my life on “The Day of the Heart 1979….another story.

In that first encounter with the Living Light I was completely overtaken by the Power of  Love that It is.  I wanted nothing more than to give my life to serve It. And that has been the case.   See The Artist Story for the early beginnings before this story here began.

But Great Swan Peace Cathedral began for me in 2002. My health had been challenged for several years and had been particularly difficult leading up to this particular event.  There were signs in my psyche I was nearing death for some nights.  I was in a free fall, letting go of everything, of life itself while holding on to the Light. I felt deeply connected to all of humanity, and It seemed there was much darkness in that vast shared space. There was a form of communication taking place, that no matter what happened I had to always stand with and for the Light, to always serve Its benign Force wherever I might be, in the face of whatever darkness might be encroaching there.

On one particular evening, when at the end of my capacity to continue and feeling death very near, I prayed, that should I

Staghorn sumach in full fall color, long after its vitamine C richly coated seed clusters have vanished.
Staghorn sumach in full fall color, long after its vitamin C richly coated seed clusters have vanished.

survive that night, If there was yet an important lesson I had to learn and something more I had to accomplish for the Light, that these be made clear to me.

I slept for the first time in days on an unknown drug a friend had given Loren to help me. It gave me 3 desperately needed hours of sleep. Upon awakening, I again felt connected at heart to all of humanity. I felt the depths of suffering and a spectrum of higher possibilities on into selfless Love and unlimited Living Light. Feeling such starkly painful, dark human possibilities as well as happy potentials, to those joyous beyond words, I understood, I must always serve the higher possibilities for all. There was no question about this essential lesson!
As this understanding was sinking in, a beatific vision came of a most exquisite structure adorned with much metal art and high elaborate spires. The words “Peace…Cathedral” were heard spoken slowly, along with the vision that lingered resplendent before my mind’s eye for long moments, piercing my being with overwhelming ecstasy. It was the Beautiful Itself beckoning me to give myself in Its service far beyond what I could have ever dreamed or chosen.

Mute Swan landing

Implicit in the vision and words was that World Peace was to be served by bringing this sublime vision of Beauty into form on Dandelion Sustainable Farm. It would be a huge undertaking.  This indicated I had some years yet to live and a great deal of work to do! There would be no bargaining or complaint, just bending the will to do as Given, letting go of the mind’s ruminations about the how or whys or whether I wanted to or not, in the years of labor and huge challenges ahead. This vision is requiring a Leap of Faith beyond anything I had imagined. This is the Holy Jumping off Place for us.

Indigo Swan Necklace
Indigo Swan Necklace

I named It Great Swan Peace Cathedral and began the metal work for it as soon as I was able and a  good start was made.

But there was so much that had already been Given that had to be completed. Dandelion Sustainable Farm had come as a calling from Beyond in 1979. It was made clear then that Loren and I were to use our self sufficiency experience and to give our all as service. We were to create a community size sustainable living circumstance.

We did not have the financial means to even begin to buy the land required. So I promised in my heart, that should the financial means be Given, we would do the work.

We were able to sell our artist dream home for 5 times its market value to someone for whom price was no issue. The ridiculously high price we asked had popped out of my mouth with no thought. The miraculous providence of the means to purchase land was a clear evidence to us that we had ahead of us a very big project! Our commitment was then tested intensely for15 years to the point of nearly giving up over and over.

Vernal pond to recharge water table, in front of solar home and gardens
Vernal pond to recharge water table, in front of solar home and gardens

I learned to go beyond the limits of my small reasoning mind in Trust and surrender to the Mysterious source of this calling. In so doing, I would see the intense testing change and help being Given. It happened over and over. I learned so much about heart Trust and surrender. The years of difficult testing were a Gift that grew me. I also learned to work physically far beyond what I would have dreamed possible.

 Then in 1999 my art work, Bindu Jewelry, that supported us and our service on Dandelion Farm, was spontaneously Blessed by Adi Da Samraj,
Da Hand w flower much orangeHe also suggested I might make larger, even sculptural metal art. In our efforts to fulfill this admonition, Loren helped me weld a garden gate. It was not something I really wanted to do. But we did our best. I topped it with a spire. Who knows why?


Looking at that spire upon installation, my heart shot upwards to infinity and into the

Birth of Spires Gate
Birth of Spires Gate

Light. I was lost for a timeless moment in limitless, Blissful Light. Upon return, a new intense passion had already gripped my being. I wanted to make spires forever more, pointing to the Light all over Dandelion Sustainable Farm!

I realized I had not really given my art capacity in service on Dandelion, even though I had done many hundreds of hours of art jewelry as service. I also saw that this larger art on Dandelion,  would transform it and help inspire many others to make sustainable living choices.

Reign of Grace out windowThere was much of this larger art to be done for Dandelion before I could concentrate on Great Swan Peace Cathedral. In 2012, the

Metal Hymn with mosaic seen through Blanket of Flowers arbor
Metal Hymn with mosaic
seen through Blanket of Flowers arbor

world felt so agitated, we decided we had better move ahead on Great Swan as a way to focus on the Light and on World Peace. So we did a little ground breaking ceremony and poured a foundation. We still were unsure how to do the structure in spite of the years we had pondered over how to build it with architect friends.MetalHymn Thru Gate

By 2013 It was clear we had really fulfilled the calling for the sustainable community circumstance. There is still more that will be completed, but it is essentially full. We had researched sustainable living with our very lives on the farm for 34 years. I had spent countless hours, every season that 34yrs, testing endless plants that could serve sustainable food production, saving strong farm adapted seeds, researching sustainable means for soil fertility into the future, We had done natural building and alternative power and developed a wholesome vegan diet we could grow with relative ease. Amarath seedWe had great gifts to share of sustainability with the world.

The art for the farm had also reached a point of fullness that delighted visitors. Much more can be done in these areas, but these first callings were essentially complete. it was really time to move ahead with Great Swan Peace Cathedral!

I again was having months of unrelenting health struggle. I felt I had no time to waste getting on with Great Swan Peace Cathedral. Surprisingly, the perfect technology to construct the dome suddenly came to us when really needed. We met friends of good neighbors that were building domes of ferro cement in the manner perfected by The dome becomes a monolith (single rock-like unit of great strength) upon completion. This kind of structure can last thousands of years. How PERFECT for a Peace Cathedral that may be destined for service far into the future!

Even more came as Guidance. After serving in a very Holy Place, I saw instantly in meditation hands raised to acknowledge the Light. With this brief tableau, came an unspoken communication that the Light was to be acknowledged at Great Swan Peace Cathedral with the sign of raised open hands on and around it. I understood that many who love and serve the Light will place their hand prints and names there. They will help to create Great Swan and will be remembered and honored for participation with the Light there. Then It became clear that the Cathedral would become a place of world pilgrimage into future centuries.Loren on Tactor

All this may seem a bit unbelievable. I confess, were someone else telling me these things I would really wonder about it. But I have learned that I simply must do what is Given by Grace directly to do. Our lives have proved this to us. Who knows where we would be had we simply followed our natural inclinations for pleasurable distraction and self fulfillment? Mysterious purposes have driven me and Loren has helped every step of the way. We have worked without vacations, using all our resources and creativity, supporting it barely, without knowing the why or how or if we will be able or successful or if it will actually help the great many it could help. But my being has been impassioned by these callings to serve the Light. I have simply learned to practice Trust in a mysterious process that goes far beyond my mind, and to give my all to fulfill what is Given.

Loren, completely blows my mind. He has served along side me through thick and thin. He has lived a life that has demanded unusually hard work and the use of his many technical talents, when really travel was his passion. Loren is so humble and so utterly heroic to me in our odd, difficult, wonderful life of working/serving together. We both give our all, to make a difference with our talents and skills, our special gifts to a world on the brink of a most questionable future. Our creation of Dandelion Sustainable Farm and now Great Swan Peace Cathedral is a prayer in action for a most positive future, a transformation of humanity and for a world aligned with the Light, the source of all.

Loren and Candace 2013

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