Dandelion Farm

Dandelion Farm is a Gift to Nature, Humankind and the Divine
Sustainable living serves world peace and a benign future for us all.

Love is a mysterious and powerful force. For 39 years it has moved Candace and Loren Stolley to create a unique gift of their all to nature, humankind, and the Divine.

In 1979, after years of self sufficiency experience, the heart inspiration came to the Stolleys to create Dandelion Sustainability Farm as a profound gift of their lives as service to the Heart of Existence Itself, a gift of their energy, skills and resources. It was to be a gift of all they had and could do. Miraculously the funds to purchase l90 acres of pristine land in Northern California came and the work began. Fresh air, high clean water table, deep rich farmland and wooded rolling hills made the land a prime location. With seasonal creeks, beautiful views and miles of hiking trails, Dandelion Farm is a spacious, peaceful place.


Lake of Dreams Curtis

Dandelion Sustainable Farm is not for profit. It is intended, with demonstrations to provide education in all forms of sustainable living.  The rapid switch to sustainable choices in every area of our lives is dearly needed in our time. Thus our work on Dandelion Farm is to serve our collective future with  life choices that support the needs of humans, non humans and of our entire earth’s well being, as the necessary foundation for  world peace.

Dandelion also features visual arts (and cultural arts occasionally), to raise up and inspire a full, rounded sustainability movement that embraces the higher gifts of human culture and benign technology for earth’s future enrichment.
Love is the profound essence of the deeper heart and beauty is its spontaneous expression, calling all to our essential unity at heart. Art on Dandelion is also a statement that sustainable living choices that serve all can be rich with beauty and heart feeling.
"Plant Lust", originally our tree nursury, turned into a green house add-on. It is amazingly productive! Common and unusual greens are a specialty especially for yummy, healthful smoothies. Greens are big part of our sustainable diet, so easy and fast to grow.
“Plant Lust”, a green house add-on, is amazingly productive! Common and unusual greens, (often considered WEEDS!) are great for yummy smoothies salads, cooked or raw. We can feel their healthful benefits. Naturally they have become a key part in our sustainable diet. Greens, especially those weeds. grow luxurious, fast and easily when cultivated with our no till system that encourages natural microbial, bug and creature balance. We feel like nature is doing most of what we used to do for us, while we help here and there. Our greens provide so many delicious flavors and  countless life enhancing nutrients.  Much research has gone into growing a huge variety of greens (and other veggies, nuts, fruit and seeds) here that address many types of climate challenges. But greens especially will likely play a most critical part for our future population challenged planet.



Our specific farming  service efforts on Dandelion Farm have been developing  a superior plant based diet for humanity’s future and human optimum health, a diet that is gentle on Nature and easy to grow. Likewise better means of soil fertility and growing systems that conserve CO2 are essential for our collective future. As we continue to develop in  these areas we are enjoying the many benefits of our progress, from better health to far more productivity in less growing space, less use of precious water and many other signs of a more balanced local ecosystem.

In our food growing research, we have  experimented with and saved seeds from a huge variety of unusual plants to widen our food base and provide other options in various conditions of climate change. Experimentation with unusual food plants is also to help address the on going massive loss of food varieties available to humanity.

Contemplating a watery enjoyment

A summer afternoon’s watery contemplation

Dandelion Farm nurtures the deeper being, attracting the heart and speaking there of inner and outer peace, harmony and well being via the language of art and nature, kindness to creatures, openness of expression and service to our world at a critical time in its history.


Great Swan Peace Cathedral is our culminating gift to the world on Dandelion Farm in service to world peace. It is requiring everything of us, a huge  endeavor and great Leap of Faith to accomplish this. It is the Holy Jumping Off Place for us on Dandelion Farm. Will you participate?

We are all part at a pivotal moment in human history. Thus we feel urgent to help by providing sustainable living  education on Dandelion Farm, as part of a broad  foundation for world peace. Dandelion includes higher understandings and solutions for world peace as part of its work. This dimension is  most associated with Great Swan Peace Cathedral. There is much art work ahead.

As of late 2013, the dome beginning for Great Swan is now in place! A special Blessing was requested of Avatar Adi Da Samraj at His burial site, The Brightness in Fiji, for the a safe and successful dome construction. Ferro-cement dome construction can be extremely hazardous. Many small and critical important things happened miraculously after this Blessing for weeks even.  It was amazing to be here and to see the Blessing work before our eyes bringing together the skilled people and all needed parts for a safe and successful dome construction!
Now, in late 2017, we approach completion of much of the outer metal art for Great Swan Peace cathedral.  Yet to be accomplished is the galvalizing process and then major installations of the art this year. The transformation of Great Swan this year will be dramatic. May it attract the eyes and hearts of many and inspire all to cooperative service and help for our earth world.
Years of intense focus on accomplishing the metal and mosaic work for Great Swan, has made maintaining the farm through the last 4yrs. of drought  hugely challenging and have left the sustainable landscape stressed. Mulching, to maintain moisture and soil life is much needed. Volunteers with a love of the dirt, who enjoy gardening as productive physical exercise, are welcome participants in our farm family, helping in exchange for room and a food stipend.

Volunteer Shawn was a humble brilliant very young MIT inventor, dedicated to creating "low technologies" to help the world's poor. And that is what he is doing in a big way still!
Volunteer Shawn was a humble brilliant very young MIT inventor, dedicated to creating “low technologies” to help the world’s poor.
And that is what he is doing in a big way still!


Many wonderful people have helped in many ways on Dandelion Farm, volunteering their energy, enthusiasm and skills in exchange for their stay. It is a rich human sharing and educational experience for all. Is there a way you could help?
"Ah Love. Let it be that You and I may fly as One, beyond the sun and through the sea of Infinity."...A poetic pray that inspired this playful jewelry piece
 “Ah Love. Let it be that You and I may fly as One, beyond the sun and through the sea of Infinity.”…A poetic prayer to Love Itself, based on an unforgettable moment, inspired this playful Bindu Jewelry piece

Candace and Loren Stolley
P.O. Box 1744
Lower Lake, CA. 95457-9411
(707) 994-1814 PLEASE EMAIL!

Volunteers with special skills are make their mark on Dandelion….Tiny house builders wanted!

Ivory tower, cob cottage in Enchanted Encampment
Ivory tower

Ivory Tower window
Ivory Tower window

2012-2013  Ivory Tower, a cob cabin, (made of mud and straw with an old satellite dish roof) is located in Enchanted Encampment, our mini educational eco-village in the making. We hope to complete this cozy little art cabin soon. Tiny houses for camping while inspiring recycling and creativity is one of our delights. Many more playful little sleeping places being dreamed and stared.

Winged lion mosaic windows are part of the MANY art adornments of Dandelion Ballad (“A song to the Heart of all”). This is the educational center of Dandelion that is nearing completion!Lion's Lair looking out


Stefan  and Jennifer, superb artists, stand by their fabulous paint job on Sentinel Fire as there farewell day offering. Their color job transformed the metal art from a drab to a knock out piece. They were especially heroic in our epic 2012 apple and walnut harvests. Oh, for more of that wonderful color talent help!


best 4 volunteer faces4 great volunteers that helped us greatly in 2007 and had a blast together. Notice 18yr. old Ansel on right.

Below: Ansel 6 years older and still vastly ahead for his 24yrs, returns to Dandelion from Arkansas for a New Year’s visit. With him is the lady of his life, a beautiful Ginny (body and heart). Ansel spent several months in ’07 getting the landscaping of the center of Dandelion well under-way, teaching us how to do it and making himself another well loved member of the Dandelion family. He was a good man in the true sense of the word, even then at 18!

Ansel Returns with Jennifer

Our spring 2013 volunteer, Prtvi, a Hindu nun, smelling flowers
Our spring 2013 volunteer, Prtvi, a Hindu nun, smelling flowers

Below, students come by the busload for a day of help and fun together on the farm.

Comeing by the bus load


Volunteering: Please consider our work exchange program and internship possibilities on the next “Learn From Living” page.

 Support Dandelion With a TOUR of the farm…These include 1hr. mild hike/tour + 1hr. question/answer. $10/person, $50 minimum. Bring a group!

Dandelion Farm is tobacco, drug and alcohol free. Please help us keep Dandelion a healthy environment for all.

Loren and Candace posing playfully as a new version of "American Gothic"
Loren and Candace posing playfully as a new version of “American Gothic”










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